Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's been a long time, since I've posted a blog (sung to Cake's It's been a long time)

  Wow!!!  This is what I was worried about, I started this thinking I would give up...I haven't given up, but It's been a long time.  So far this summer, I have done some surf fishing and caught a crab, I have been fishing a small pond in Wenham MA a lot this summer, caught quite a few 7" to 13" bass, I caught one Pickerel a little of 13", and of course I caught some turtles with my hands.
  It can be difficult to find time to write due to the hours of my job, but it's been working out pretty well so far.  I plan to keep fishing, but for the next ten days I will be on the road, Mississippi, and then on the road again.  Sorry for the short post, catch you later.

Keep fishing,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Did Someone Say Tornado?

        Today was a little weird.  I woke up later than I had planned, I didn't feel like working out, I missed out on morning fishing.  What was I to do?  My wife and I got ready for the day, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to a little fishing hole called Gull Pond.  On the way to Gull pond the weather changed from very hot, humid, and bright to dark and cooler, simply put, it would have made Winnie the Pooh say tut tut.
        I always try to get my wife to fish, it's not that she doesn't like to fish, but she doesn't like mosquitoes, rain, and she would rather fish from a boat than from the shore.  These are all fine things, but I still do my best to get her to fish from the shore while being eaten alive by mosquitoes until it rains.  Does this earn me husband of the year award?  No, but when I get to fish with her it is even more fun...for me.  Anyway, on the way to the pond she said it looked like it was going to rain, I just laughed an said it wasn't...lying through my teeth.  We went back and forth for a while, on the drive up, when she realized I also knew it was going to rain, and her tone of voice changed, right before she jabbed me in the chest.  She said it like this, when my tone of voice changes it's like a rattle snake's rattle, before I strike.  I laughed harder than I have in a while, I love her.
       We made it to the parking lot near the trails that lead to the pond, it hadn't started to rain, but the weather looked a little daunting.  Kori decided she would wait it out in the car, because she still had some reading to do for class, so I walked down to the pond and fished.  I didn't catch anything, but it was good to be outdoors.  I fished for about an hour, and then I walked back out said goodbye to Kori as she headed off to class, and headed to the Church for youth group.  Shortly before this time it was announced that there was a tornado warning for our area.
       As youth group was coming to an end the sky changed from a greenish hue to a bright yellow and the sun was visible once again.  I left the Church and headed back to the pond/where Kori has her class.  On the way I received a text, which I read after I stopped (Staties), the text was from Kori saying that Duvall Patrick announced an emergency tornado warning, that we needed to stay off the roads except to get home and be safe...I didn't vote for Duvall, I decided I should keep fishing.
       I fished for another hour or so, getting a couple of hits off a Rapala Popper colored to mimic a frog.  It was good until I cast my line into the water, and realized that the wind had stopped, there were no longer any frog noises, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.  I decided that was a good time to pack it up and head to the car.
       On our ride home we saw so much lightning racing across the sky, it was a lot like wind blowing over water, the lines drawn on the surface turning, gliding and cutting lines in a lake or pond, except this was electric woogie woogie woogie.  It was a little scary, later that night we heard on the news that  seven tornados touched down in southern Massachusetts killing at least four people and wounding several others...thank you Lord for keeping me safe even though I was being an idiot.  Well, that's all for now.
  Keep Fishing,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Memorial Day to Remember

         Oh Memorial Day, after an eight hour shift working, for the man, I was able to meet up with my wife and friends for a Memorial Day celebration.  I missed the extravagant yet small parade, the block party cookout with Lou and Nance, and getting a sunburn, but I didn't miss the Blue Moons and the beach.  Cranes Beach is a pretty spot not too far out from where I live, and any opportunity I have to go to the beach I try not to pass up.
         Kori, Kerry, and I headed to the beach around 4:30 in the evening, it was still plenty warm, and well stocked with Memorial Day Out-of-Towners, all of which were pick from sun exposure all day.  The girls decided to lounge in the sun, but not me, I was at the beach.  I slowly but surely walked my way into the Atlantic.
         In my mind I was hoping to catch a Striper (Striped Sea Bass) with my bare (or bear) hands, but I figured that was just wishful thinking.  While walking through the water I literally stumbled upon some snails, most snails I find in the ocean are about the size of a dime, these snails were the size of a baseball, it was very cool.
         I stayed in the water looking for hermit crabs, or skates, I didn't end up finding either of those but I did find some good sized sand dollars, it was a good day at the beach.  I put everything back...don't worry.  After the beach I went over to a friends house where we had some food, fun, and fire.  I was given the task of building the fire, I was honored, it took a couple of tries, but I made a pretty good fire.  The rest if the night was leisurely, I ate, talked, laughed, had a couple of Blue Moon Summers (which are fantabulous), and lost to Nance in Horse.  It was a great Outdoor Day.
        Keep Fishing,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The First of many... I hope

  Well, here we are.  I am starting this bog in hopes of sharing my adventures as an Outdoorsman.  Here are some things you should know about me...I love the outdoors, the hotter, the better.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, and any other time I can spend outside, rain, shine, Summer, Winter, and everything in between.
  The biggest animal I've ever bagged as it were, was a large raccoon.  When it comes to fish, I caught a 26" bass in a stocked pond...Here's the catch, I was alone, I had no camera, and no phone, I threw the fish back, and a couple winters later everything in the pond died...I know I know, fish stories.  Whatever, I know the truth, and it was a massive, girthy bass.
  This Summer I hope to fish a lot, enjoy the heat, and have fun on God's green earth.  I hope I keep up with this blog, and maybe I get a few readers...

  Keep Fishing,